Virtual HR & Benefits Solutions

Virtual HR & Benefits Solutions

Solution is the operative word. The Employer needs an HR-Benefits Solutions Professional that provides the “Right Solution”, at the “Right Time” at the “Right Costs” that is designed to meet the objectives and budget of each individual Employer.

We provide:

  • Independent Experienced Healthcare Benefits Professionals
  • Independent Experienced Healthcare System Insiders
  • Independent Resources for HR Administration, Benefits, Compliance
  • Independent iPHC Navigator Program
  • Independent Trusted Healthcare Advocate 
  • Independent Healthcare Assistance Programs
  • Independent Wellness Plans
  • Independent Live Telehealth Physicians 24/7 – 365 

We have the professionals, experience, resources, and Strategic Partners to be the “Go To Solutions” for the benefits needed by Employers and their Employees; now and in the future.

Virtual HR Tools

BizAdvantix HR Resource & Regulatory Library

  • HR 360
  • BizAdvantix HR 360 Support Desk

BizAdvantix Virtual HR Administration

  • Employer Branded & Secure HR Administration Website
  • BizAdvantix HR Website Support Desk

BizAdvantix Benefits Review

  • Annual Employee Benefits Review
  • Employer Benefits Support Desk

Monthly Fee: Based On Employer Size


Additional HR Services

  • Benefits Design
  • Benefits Administration
  • Benefit Plans TPA Services
  • Insurance & Benefits Brokerage Services
  • Payroll Services
  • MedAdvantix Exchange Marketplace (FREE where available)
  • Inquire about additional other services

Monthly Fee: Based on Services Selected and Mutually Agreed