Technology Overview

Our Technology 

MedBizonics provides state of the art technology to its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) clients that meets the business and regulatory requirements faced by practices. Our cloud-based systems are quick and easy to implement and use. Some of the features include:

  • Systems available anytime, anywhere via the internet and a web browser
  • HIPAA secure, cloud and web-based technology
  • Fully integrated Practice Management and EHR
  • Required Secure Patient Portal
  • Meaningful Use dashboard in real-time
  • Practice Management information dashboard in real-time
  • Standard and customized reporting
  • Easily interfaced to any HL7 compliant systems
  • CCHIT Certified and endorsed by major healthcare organizations


Why Cloud-Based?

Many Fortune 500 and large healthcare organizations have adopted cloud computing as a way to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and improve collaboration throughout the organization.

A healthcare cloud solution provides a more intelligent and connected health system. It provides immediate access to the latest health information to support patient and population health decisions. A healthcare cloud solution delivers the tools you need to connect, coordinate care and access your clinical system simply and securely at anytime on any Internet-connected device.

Benefits of implementing a healthcare cloud solution include:

  • Quick and Easy implementation 
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Coordination of better patient care
  • Informed care decisions
  • Reduced costs
  • Updated State of The Art Software and Functionality


Why Outsource?

Two business principals that people often lose sight of at times are increasingly important in our current business climate. They are “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” and “Never do anything that you can have someone else do more efficiently and at a lesser cost.”

Just as you would not go to a Family Practitioner to have open heart surgery, that requires an expert and specialist, you should treat your business with the same regard. Outsourcing functions that are not in your core competency and mission provides your practice with the opportunity to better utilize employee time, talent, and experience for enhanced services related to your core mission – patient care. The healthcare field has become extremely complex and requires so many levels of expertise – from coding, meaningful use, compliance, security, technology, payers, regulations and so many more – it has become practically impossible to run an efficient and profitable practice just relying on internal resources. Stop working harder and making less. Let the professionals at Medbizonics help you regain your life and profitability.